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“Shakespeare Unravelled” sheds new light on doubts about Shakespeare’s authorship.

Was William Shakespeare the greatest dramatist of all time? For hundreds of years the controversy has raged with many scholars and literary critics denying the genius of the Bard of Avon. This new, readable book puts new perspectives on the argument and reveals fascinating glimpses of court life, popular theatre and patronage as well as the contemporary political and religious upheaval which led to the creation of the First folio of 1623.

The authors make it clear there is no easy answer, such as another writer hiding behind Shakespeare’s name, but there is a fascinating puzzle to put together to solve the centuries-old riddle.

Review by Emeritus Professor, John Pick

“This meticulously researched and highly readable book … convincingly demonstrates who were the real authors of the 1623 First  Folio used the dead Shakespeare’s name… the book puts a huge spanner in the well known and romanticised story of Shakespeare and all his works. It will be widely read throughout the English speaking world-traditionalists should be warned- it is not easy to refute.”

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