Bardolatry Versus Reality

William Shakespeare did not write the First Folio plays



Seventy facts are known about the life of the Bard of Avon. None support him directly as an author and he was not recognised by other writers or contemporary men of letters. Of at best a limited education, yet unbelievably to most people, Shakespeare used a massive vocabulary (some academics claim over 20,000 words] and wrote 26 plays and two long  poems, all of exceptional quality, in some dozen years. No literary papers or books of Shakespeare have ever been found in London or Stratford-upon-Avon and his death was unmarked by society or among literary circles. In contrast there is proof that Shakespeare was a money-lender, possible play-broker, theatre-sharer and property owner. William Shakespeare, like his father John, was a trader in commodities and was frequently involved in legal disputes. It is no surprise that doubts about Shakespeare as a writer have persisted for several hundred years.

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